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    CNC Machining Service
     - CNC Lathe & Mill Turn
     - Automatic Bar feeder
     - Automatic Lathe
     - Laser welding machine
     - Q.C. Tools
    RF antennas
     - UA (UHF)
     - Accessories
     - Nipple drinkers for broiler and breeders
     - xxx
Nipple drinkers for broilers and layers
High quality nippler drinkers for poultry. 2 years product warranty
Our CNC lathe turning machine's capabilities
Double spindles and turrets CNC turn-mill, processes every step in a single machine, double the productivity and high precision.
Car decorative products
Apex Communication Co., Ltd.
Professional distributor of RF antennas and car decorates
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7-axis CNC Lathe Double Spindles and Turrets with Live Tools
- 7-axis CNC Lathe (X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Z2, C2)
- Double spindles and turrets
- Live tools for milling, drilling and tapping process
- Equipped with automatic hydro bar feeder and part catcher.
- For complete machining within a single machine to give scratch free parts.

In circumstances where precise fabrication plays a more important role than a low cost but high risk of failure production, a highly efficient and sophisticated technology will be looked upon. Chanlert offers you the part fabrication with up to 7-axis (X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Z2, C2), double spindles and turrets with milling, drilling and tapping enable technology to deliver the part at the quality you expect completed by a single machine.

Machining capability


Max. bar work capacity

L spindle

42 mm

R spindle

34 mm


Max. turning work length

200 mm

ระยะการเดินสูงสุดของแกน Y

Max. Y-axis travel

60 mm. (-30, +30)


Max. Machining diameter

250 mm

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